Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Redefining Hate

There are only 7 defenses for liberalism in America. They have nothing to do with the benefits of liberalism, rather they are charges against conservatism, going on the old war philosophy, "The best defense is a good offense." Xenophobe, Islamophobe, homophobe, racist, sexist, intolerant, bigot. Conservatives should know how simple it is to answer liberal attacks against Christianity and conservatism. If the liberal can't distort the facts without somebody on your side keeping them straight for them, then they are reduced to screaming names at you. It would be a simple matter to match name for name, but that just is not who we are. Xenophobe could be answered with America hater, and Islamophobe could be answered with traitor, homophobe with pervert, etc., No, that would only result in new names that have to be answered with other new names. We'd rather burrow down into the issues and really have a dialog on what is best for our country. No really, we've been pretty quiet about a lot of things for a long time and now with the liberal agenda to indoctrinate us in our workplaces and our kids in state run schools with diversity training, and an absolute lunatic fringe in control of one of only two major political parties, we the conservative base are mobilized and have decided to get educated on the topics the liberals want changed so badly. So let's go over the charges one by one.
Xenophobia: defined as fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign.
Liberals use this charge against the conservative stance that we want to retain our heritage and have a national language. It is also often used to suggest that we are stingy with national resources like emergency health care in our hospitals. Hospitals are financially untenable when required by law to treat anyone and everyone who shows up. They are closing down due to financial strain and so the entire community is losing their services because illegal aliens are overburdening the system and not paying for the services rendered. Studies have proven that any group that does not integrate into a society suffers from that lack. When Spanish speaking children are accommodated with Spanish speaking teachers, they don't learn the language of the land. Therefore they have difficulty finding jobs and integrating into the culture they've migrated to. There is also the issue of fairness to those who've entered the country through legal avenues. It is unfair and encourages further disregard of our laws to give preference to the illegal immigrants over the legal variety. While diversity of culture is fine for pride of heritage, it is not beneficial as a line of policies designed to help them maintain separateness. In fact these policies tend to keep that group estranged from the larger society as exampled by the language accommodation. So the conservatives desire integration, not isolation as suggested by the charge of xenophobia.
Islamophobia: an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of Islam or its followers.
I had to go to phobia's definition and amend it to the subject of Islam because there is no such thing as irrational fear of Islam. By definition, a rational fear is not a phobia and Islam has given us legitimate reasons to be feared and the liberals think we make this stuff up and attribute the very real threat of Islamic extremists to our own presidential administration simultaneously giving aid and comfort to our enemies. 9/11/01 conspiracy claims, war for oil, etc., Which sounds more rational to you, Bush orchestrated the fall of the Twin Towers or that Osama bin Laden orchestrated multiple attacks on U.S. interests, again? I didn't find Bush-phobia either, but I'm pretty sure it needs to be added to the dictionary.
Homophobia: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals.
Most religious institutions have ministries to homosexuals who want to leave the lifestyle. If we had irrational fears of homosexuals how could we target ministries to serve people who have those tendencies? We condemn the activity, not the practitioners. Its summed up in the phrase, "hate the sin, not the sinner." We have a legitimate fear of the gay agenda being legislated to indoctrinate us and especially our kids. Normalizing and legitimizing destructive behavior can only lead to increased numbers of practitioners. This is harmful to our society on several levels. Starting with the facts of shortened life spans, increased health costs, decreased procreation rates, and increased sexually motivated criminal activity for those who self identify as homosexuals.
1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.
This is the racism practiced by Hitler and the Nazis and the KKK and all conservatives of any stature condemn it. This is also the racism practiced by Reverend Wright of Barack H. Obama's church wherein Reverend Wright claims superiority of blacks over whites. Barack condemned the statements "G-D America" but refuses to separate himself or his family from the teachings of this racism based church. If black Democrats would bother to study the history of their party they might be shocked to learn that it was predominantly Democrats who fought freeing slaves and equal rights for blacks and to this day, still harbor soft racism in the form of 'they can't make it on their own' affirmative action.
2: racial prejudice or discrimination.
This is the discrimination that is currently legislated into law as Affirmative Action and rather than help those it is intended to provide opportunities for, it has cast a shadow over those who've achieved on merit rather than preference. This is just as immoral as the first version but liberals view good intentions as valid as good results that actually help. The same can be said of the Welfare System which has succeeded only in creating a greater dependence on government and bankrupted the Social Security program that was raided to fund the Welfare System. So based on the facts that conservatives prefer programs that actually help instead of hinder minorities, we are charged with discrimination against minorities.
1: prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially : discrimination against women.
This is discrimination that needed to be corrected back in the 1950's and has been. The differences in income between the genders today is more to do with the numbers of part time workers and those who've taken large leaves of absence from the workforce to raise their families. This is elective and that means freedom. In terms of pay per hour on average, women have higher rates of pay and are getting higher positions based on education at college level where women out number men as much as 3&4 to 1. The needs have been answered but the programs are still in place. Like all outdated programs, they don't retire, they expand to levels of absurdity. The use of the word rape has lost all meaning because of this program. Today, rape means if a woman 'regrets sex.' One well known speaker for women's issues claimed 'all sex is rape.' This is eliminating all responsibility from women for sexual conduct and reveals moral vacuity.
2: behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex.
In terms of gender bias, there has been a cultural war on masculinity since the 1970's which has resulted in greater numbers of fatherless homes, greater numbers of working mothers, and a much higher rate of broken homes to the detriment of the children. Misogyny is the practice of objectifying women (sex objects to serve a man's sexual needs) but it is the liberals who defend this as part of our right to free speech. So, between the liberal agenda to equate men and women's roles and make them interchangeable and to defend pornography as free speech, they have managed to alienate the man's roles in the family by denying his nature and objectify the woman's roles in society. I have great respect for women and I believe in equal work for equal pay, but the claim that women are a minority is astounding. Have any of you looked at the latest census, or any census for that matter? Not every woman wants to enter the business world, and of those who do, many are now finding their lives unfulfilling because men and women are different. One isn't less than the other, but they have a very different makeup and find fulfillment in different ways. Thank God for the freedom to choose and re-choose our destinies in life. Traditional roles are fast becoming more popular among women.
1: unable or unwilling to endure.
Well, yes, I am intolerant of many things and this is just plain good common sense. The liberals are just as intolerant and I don't fault them for that, why should they fault us for the same? This is blatant hypocrisy, but because it invalidates any debate on the real issues they'll make it anyway. As long as they can call you a name, they don't have to answer with reason any longer. While they are intolerant of fighting or even naming evil, we are intolerant of indoctrination into the normalization of the homosexual lifestyle, especially of our children in state run schools. There are many other issues we can point to, but these will serve as prime examples.
2 a: unwilling to grant equal freedom of expression especially in religious matters.
Where do I start? This country was built on these freedoms and done so by very religious Christians. We are open to discussion of religious matters, but WE ARE BEING KICKED OUT OF THE PUBLIC ARENA!! We also have the right to express our opinions in any forum afforded any other religion or non-religion or political affiliation. We are being systematically silenced by the politically correct within our schools, within our courts, within our entire society. And you have the hutzbah to call us intolerant? You've made your cases in court, you've made your cases on the radio and TV air, you've controlled most of the college campus' and now you try to legislate a fairness doctrine to get equal time on the one medium left to conservatism? People are leaving your mediums in droves (newspapers, mainstream TV news, etc., to find a balancing viewpoint that you won't provide) and you want to force your way onto our last free venue of speech with equal time for your say? When you grant equal time on your venues and in all those colleges and in all those papers, we might talk about it. Ours is the first country to include freedom of religion in its founding documents. Ours is the government that has held this faithfully throughout its history. And ours is a country founded on Christian principals that provided these rights and freedoms. Yes we have some stains, but they were corrected primarily by us, the Christians in the name of Christ.
Also, equating our religion with Islam is ridiculous on its face. Christianity does not condone murder in the name of Christ whereas Islam does. I am speaking of today, but even if you did want to include the Crusades and the witch hunt and the Inquisitions, there is no comparison still. The Crusades were an answer to 400 years of Muslim aggression on Christian territories, the inquisition was 300 years of iron fisted control by a few members of the church resulting in around 2000 deaths and has been roundly condemned by the same church. The witch hunts in Salem took a grand total of 18 lives and has been roundly condemned by the same church. All of this took place hundreds of years ago. No such action has been supported by the church since. Yet, Islam proudly preaches from its pulpits before thousands of cheering believers they will rule the world by the sword and by terror, today. They kill Jews and Christians and every religion they encounter for not converting or submitting to their faith. They engage in ethnic cleansing wars all across the continent of Africa and the Middle East killing millions, many being Muslim of a different brand name. Its supported in their colleges and in their governments and even in their grade schools with military marches and drills. They are airing these doctrines on international TV. They are marching on our own streets with the same messages. What Christian doctrine today is killing homosexuals? What Christian doctrine is killing promiscuous men and women? What church doctrine is threatening to take over the world by force and killing people of other faiths for not converting? Yes, we speak against the practice of homosexuality, against Islam, against promiscuity, against pornography, against abortion, but violent conversion is universally condemned by the churches. Still to this day, Islam is free to practice their religion in this country and you are free to march in the street in your gay pride parades and your code pink shirts yelling nutty lies about our former president. What conservative intolerance are you referring to? Normalizing and legitimizing perversity in our society? No one is arresting your behavior if kept private, we are simply refusing to accept it as normal and legitimate. That's not intolerance, that's protecting our children from destructive ideas.
[2]b: unwilling to grant or share social, political, or professional rights : bigoted.
Apparently this is shared with bigotry so we'll move on to Bigot.
3: exhibiting physiological intolerance. [lactose intolerant]
Not applicable to our purposes here.
Bigot: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.
How is it hatred to want homosexuals and jihadis and philanderers to turn from their self destructive ways and come join me in church where I found real purpose and joy? How is it hateful to want to protect my children from the influences of these same self destructive natures? This isn't hatred, this is love. I would suggest that standing by with life saving information and saying nothing while these people trot merrily hand in hand off to hell is hatred. Even without the Biblical description of hell, the consequences of these lifestyles is obviously detrimental to those who practice them, never mind the children they desire to influence.
It would seem the sin of 'offense' according to the liberal code of conduct is defined as hatred. I have purposefully offended gays, Muslims, feminists..... not to communicate hate, but to cause them to think beyond their emotions. This is not a tool of conservatism, this is a tool of communication. I have been purposefully offended by the haters of my faith, by the haters of my politics, by the haters of my race for 35 years; but the condemnation of conservatives on the basis of 'I'm offended' only goes to prove further double standards and dishonesty predominantly in leftist politics and ideological discussion. And now, Islam is launching a libel jihad in our courts to halt truth telling under the banner of hate speech. The level of discourse has degraded by one party reducing their arguments to name calling rather than meet in the arena of ideas and reason refusing to examine the evidence of history and consequence, refusing even to examine their own parties' polls and academic studies if they do not support their desired political ends. Its time to get off the name calling fringe political bus and get into the facts. Our society's success depends entirely upon what policies we instill in it, and what lessons we teach our youth about the exercise of our liberties. The legacy of freedom is always just one generation away from collapse if we are not diligent to perform these duties of passing on the values of our founding fathers and their willingness to sacrifice all for their continuance.

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