Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Socialist Programs and Consequences


Ethanol; the answer to the smog caused by the enormous American appetite for fossil fuels, right? The answer to the oil addiction which feeds money into the hands that want to kill us, right? Apparently not. Ethanol is made from corn, primarily. A lot of corn. Two acres of corn per average tank full. So the price of corn has been climbing steadily since the ethanol program began. What other markets are affected by the rise in corn markets? Well, there's the livestock and meat industry. That's rather obvious because we feed all that livestock a lot of corn. Higher corn prices mean higher meat prices. Where is all this corn coming from? Since corn is more profitable, farmers are turning under other crops like wheat, barley, soybean, etc., to plant more corn. Now we're experiencing a shortage of wheat. Last week, wheat prices shot up 200% taking a 50lb. bag of wheat flour from $15.00 to $45.00 almost overnight.

Where might these price hikes end? Will we have to go all the way to true food shortages before our government subsidies of ethanol programs are canceled? There is only one tried and true source of energy apart from fossil fuels but the environmentalists hate it more than the oil companies। One environmentalist (the man known as the father of environmentalism) has been ejected from their society for believing in it. What is this energy source? Nuclear power. Isn't it funny that the American environmentalists reject what is proven in 'so called' leftist controlled nations like France. The American left are far more extreme on economic policies than their contemporaries in Europe.

James Lovelock

The reason the socialist agenda succeeds in America is because the voters aren't aware of the consequences of all past socialist programs. A few examples include;

1 price control; Jimmy Carter's price control of gasoline prices created gas shortages, California's price control of electricity created rolling blackouts across the state. What lesson can we learn from price control? Markets have to control prices, anything else sends vendors to where the market is free or investors bailing out and sending their money where it gets a return.
2. health insurance; everywhere its been tried, England, Canada, etc., the governments that implemented national health care programs had to ration out the various types of care, ie. health care shortages. In Canada last year, a patient needed an operation that would save her life. The waiting list for that operation was 3 YEARS long. She would die before her turn to get the operation would arrive, while at the same time they scheduled a sex change operation for another patient. This case is not unique, but is a common story of critical care being denied because it isn't available. The doctors are leaving those countries to go where they can get fair market value for their work. Here in the U.S. the government required companies over a certain size to provide health care insurance which resulted in the current mess of health care being priced outside of the financial feasibility for a blue collar worker to pay for it out of pocket. Instead, we have to cancel retirement accounts and sell our houses to continue living unless we're insured.
In America you wait in line to see a movie. / In government run health care systems, you wait to see a doctor.
3. social security; we developed a program to guarantee every citizen a retirement fund at the beginning of the baby boom. What looked like an overwhelming success in the first 40 years was squandered in other programs like welfare and subsidized abortion that rewarded divorce and out of wedlock childbirth. Now the boomers are retiring and there aren't enough depositors to pay the dues to the recipients and the out of wedlock childbirth and divorce rates have skyrocketed and nearly destroyed the moral integrity of the favored recipient race and heavily damaged the strength and social benefit of the institution of marriage.

Chart compares substance abuse (dark) to non-substance abuse (light) in areas of education, psychiatric, domestic violence, housing, health, legal, low job skills. Welfare provides endless time and 0 direction so that the vast majority of recipients never get off of welfare.

All these programs seemed like good ideas, they made us feel good about our intentions to heal all the ills in the world. The results show that they do much more harm to society than they do good. Now lets look at programs that work.

1. Strategic Defense Initiative; under Ronald Reagan America built up its defenses and initiated technological advancement in military programs to create a system that would defeat missiles launched at the continental United States before they entered our air space. At the same time we supported countries trying to break free of communist rule. The result was the bloodless fall of the U.S.S.R.

2. philanthropy; with all of the government programs to fight homelessness, dropout rates, hunger, drug and alcohol addiction, and a plethora of others, turns out the only successful programs dealing with all of these were faith based. When the gifts are locally regulated, follow up and accountability are much more closely worked because the givers see the results of the work and ensure they work or take their giving where it does.

Faith based prison program provide support to change lives from a destiny of hardened career criminals to contributing members of society.

3. education; rather than throwing more money at a continually growing problem, we can look around at what is already working and support those organizations. When nearly all private educators, including home schooling, are consistently performing far above public schools, its time to abandon the failing program and invest in those that succeed. School vouchers are working in other nations. Oddly, one of them is communist China, another is India.

This is the first school voucher in India. Another word for voucher is Scholarship.

What have we learned today? 

Socialism bad, Conservatism good!!!

Jonah Goldberg, in his book, Liberal Fascism, reminds us that Hitler's Nazism, Mussolini's Fascism, Chairman Mao's Communism, North Viet Nam, North Korea...... (well, you get the idea) was born out of socialism. In fact, all forms of fascism is born out of socialism. You can't have both freedom and utopia in a world where everybody doesn't agree what utopia is. Scratch that, you can't have utopia without God centering every life.


Anonymous said...

I must say I have been most amused by your ill-informed rant, especially as you do not seem to be very clear on what socialism is! I have been raised and nurtured in the UK under a National Health Service, free at the point of contact, and when I got to an age where I learned that this is NOT the case in the USA, I was astounded! How can any decent, Christian civilisation give one human being priority over another just because they have more money?! Even the richest man in the world could be penniless tomorrow if they fall on bad fortune, as our lives are not always just governed by the choices we make. I have never had to wait for healthcare and to see a Doctor, my experience of the NHS has always been exemplary.

Therefore I may politely suggest that you seek a surgeon to extract your head from your fat American ass.

Judge Bob said...

As it happens; I spent 2 years in England and married a Brittish national. The people I worked with and the friends I made and the family I married into were none too happy with their health care system.

Perhaps you are too young to know anything different, or perhaps you feel your national pride stung, but you are ignoring the plethora of anecdotal stories about your system which reflect this truth. I don't happen to have health insurance at the moment, nor am I rich or even employed and though in my fifties, still advocate for less regulation and free market principals based on the facts in evidence. There is no such thing as free healthcare. Somenody is payingthe for it.
You should investigate your services a bit and do some comparison shopping before opening your yap and planting your foot in it.