Tuesday, April 18, 2006

There Is No God

There Is No God?
The Fool says to himself, “There is no God.” “Why should I subject myself to the edicts of a figment of your imagination?”

The degradation of civility. You know what I mean. We, the old fogies, have complained about it for years. The use of the “F” word, the courtesy we are supposed to show one another, the attitude toward legalities, the ethics, the moral conduct of the individual in private as well as public, are all going South in America. I’m near to half a century on this beautiful old rock and I’ve seen some things, been a few places and I can bear witness that civility is going the way of chivalry.

A local talk show host carried this as his main topic this morning for three hours and his buzz line stayed busy the whole time. What is the point in complaining about it. Nobody is DOING anything about it. It takes parents who do not tolerate it. It takes teachers who will not allow it. It takes regular people to challenge the offender to study a book of adjectives to replace the “F” bomb with something intelligible. But parents don’t, teachers don’t and people won’t because we no longer see the value of civility. If the guardians don’t get it, how can we expect the kids to get it?
The challenge has always been too big for an individual to hold the line. Civility is held by all of us and is resigned by inaction. Thus the saying, "All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." When 3 or 4 teenagers are hanging out in public and they’ve never given a thought to whether their language is offensive, when holding the door for a woman IS CONSIDERED OFFENSIVE, when illegal residents have more rights than the legal residents, the line between right and wrong is not fuzzy. Its obliterated! Just because we might be seen as prudish, or because the offender may make a scene, just because we the defenders of civility are called 'intolerant offenders, ' we aren’t willing to make a stand against incivility.

Adolescent boys have to be called into their manhood, they don’t achieve it automatically.
Manhood means knowing your purpose and living up to your responsibility in that purpose. The same goes for adolescent girls. Gold digging men used to be a shameful practice. Now its not only accepted, its actually applauded. “You go girl, more power to her” I listened to a young woman justify it once about fifteen years ago. “Hey, if men are stupid enough to give me stuff, why shouldn’t I take it.” Maybe, because men will begin to resent you? “Well that’s their problem.” How is that different from the con-artist saying, “If the mark is stupid enough to fall for my con, why shouldn’t I take advantage of them?” Manipulating people is just as bad as rape. If you are okay with using your powers of pursuasion to get people to give you things or do stuff for you, why shouldn’t men use their power, strength, or influence to get what they want from you, even if its forcible rape? Why would you consider the latter evil but what you do is okay? This is the problem with blurring and obliterating the line between right and wrong. If you move the line between right and wrong, who’s to say where we should stop moving the line? Who’s to say there should be a line?

The same question applies to the definition of marriage. It we change the thousands of years old tradition of limiting marriage to one woman and one man, who’s to say three men and a chicken can’t be married? How about a goat and a ten year old boy? I mean its okay for two men to be married, and fewer and fewer people have a problem with polygamy, why not bestial or pedophiliac marriages? What criteria are we supposed to go by if not the ancient traditions? Who is the authority on these matters?
The real question in all of this is, “Why do you want to change the rules? If it isn’t for self interest, then you are foolish to support those who fight for their perverted self interest because it blurs and/or obliterates the standards. It ruins the culture we live in for future generations.

Whether it’s the tradition of marriage or simple civility, the line between right and wrong is written in books that are meant to be non-adjustable for a reason. If you can justify your desire in the world court of popular opinion, there are no limits to our ability to adjust standards and standards are effectively eliminated. Rape becomes no more wrong than eating breakfast cereal for supper.
A world without standards of right and wrong is as close to hell as we can make it.

This is why I am a Neo-Con. This Democratic party is not my daddy’s party. The definition of democrat is one who supports majority rule. The definition of republican is one who supports representative rule. The names and the definitions of today’s effective parties are reversed. The Democrats stand for elitist rule by the ‘smartest’ representatives while the Republicans stand for the will of the majority of America’s people. This is proven on issue after issue. Put to a public vote even in the most liberal states, gay marriage has been denied. I will remain in the Republican party as long as this is true. I am not married to this party, though, I am a staunch supporter at this point in time.

Right now the Democrats are the party of NON-STANDARDS. The issues on which they stand most firmly are those that change standards of behavior. These include abortion, assisted suicide, gay marriage, open borders, appeasement of enemies, and of course America is the world’s bully and must be controlled by the U.N. This so because America is the sole remaining superpower, a term left over from the cold war days. The Left equate superpower to the giant Goliath. The point of the Bible story is not only little guy wins with perseverence. The overlaying point is righteousness of the little guy is backed by God. David did not remain the little guy all his life. He became the most powerful king of his day, yet remained righteous in his power. He did screw up in a big way, but again he was held accountable by the same God that empowered him to overcome the giant.

Our form of government has proved to be self mending. Individuals are corrupted in our system, but they are held accountable by that system. From the office of president down to the foot sodier, all are subject to the same laws. This has been tested at every level and at every level, wherever authority is established that authority is regulated and removed when abused. It isn't perfect, obviously, but it is working better than in any other form of government.

Let me recommend a book for those of you who doubt my charges. “The Case for Goliath” by Michael Mandelbaum." The author is no shill for the right/conservatives. He is a professor at a leading American college and a Democrat, albeit a moderate one. I heard him being interviewed on the nationally syndicated Dennis Prager radio talk show and see him as a great thinker of all things internationally political. America is the acting world police force, and we do the job reluctantly. The noise we hear from Europe, Russia, and China about our activities in world affairs is just that, noise. The loudest voice against American involvement in world affairs is the Democratic party leadership. Until the U.N. steps up to the plate to take on the responsibility it is so billed for by the left, America is bound by self preservation to act in world affairs. The rest of the world enjoys the free ride of America’s role in world affairs and hypocritically denounces this necessary work. If they truly believed their own rhetoric they would step up and do their part to maintain stability in their own neighbor hoods or else gang up and resist our influence.

Ah well, Se La Vie. We shall see no change as long as the free ride works for them and as long as we are riddled from within by attacks on the character of our government and its motives for involvement. There shall always be the voice of the complainant ignoramus to shoot holes in our collective foot. We are, after all, a free republic/democracy.

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