Saturday, May 20, 2006

Davinci Code Fallout

Davinci Code Fallout
Dear Mr. Howard and Mr. Hanks;

I would like to congratulate you both on fine careers consisting of superb work and project choices. You both stand head and shoulders above your colleagues in terms of accomplishments, reputation, and name recognition. I have for years, been able to count on any project with either of your names attached, to be well worth my viewership.

That said, I am frankly disappointed that you have stooped to the level of the fashionable politically correct Hollywood crowd. This latest project, The Davinci Code is one of literally thousands of movies which bash the reputation and faith of Bible believing Christians. Yes, I understand that this is a work of fiction, but you should understand that even fictional stories have a message and an effect on society.

I will continue to seek out your work because you are so good at what you do and the persecution of Christians is not widely publicized. Therefore, I take into consideration your likely ignorance on the subject occurring today. I hope in the future you will take into consideration these facts.
1. The vast majority of America self identify as Christian
2. There is a large double standard against Christians in Hollywood, in the press, in the intellectual communities (especially the colleges), etc., and indeed throughout the world
3. Too many people, educated or not recall movies, fiction or not for their historical facts
4. Christianity has been under violent attack consistently since its inception
5. Christianity’s enemies have used the misconceptions provided by even fictional stories as an excuse to persecute Christians to death this year as in all years past. While persecution is rarely to the point of death within America, our contributions to society are erased and our motives are made suspect. (Look into Voice of the Martyrs on the internet.)
6. Movies that provide historically accurate presentations of Christ and the church are just as controversial but are wildly successful.
7. Most of America believes peace in the Middle East depends entirely upon the strength and will of America to stand against radical elements of all religions.
8. The radical element in today's mainstream Christianity are predominantly self sacrificing while the radical element in eastern religions are predominantly violent against other faiths.

I will end on this small point. Our country is now so divided on core issues that minor political issues raised in entertainment can be hot button topics because lives, lifestyles, and political policy can hang or swing on a single misperception.

I wish for you continued wild success in your careers and project choices. Thank you for your dedication and energy devoted to the special work you have managed to do so well.

Your respectful audience, Judge Bob

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