Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Perpetual Problems

Why won't this ever end? Why does world opinion still stand against Israel when the entire Western world is being attacked by the enemies of Israel? Why does the mainstream media report these events and historical facts with such a moral equivalence bias against the largely righteous nation of Israel?

Why won't this ever end?-- This is one continual struggle against an ideology whose members want to impose their will on the rest of the world under threat of death by the authority of Sharia Law. Sharia Law is accurately represented in this article in English mainstream media from 2002. Its not a secret conspiracy sneaking up on us, they boldly and proudly proclaim their goals.

Why does world opinion stand against Israel when the entire Western world is being attacked by the enemies of Israel?-- The Muslim world associates Christians with America. America produces media filled with promiscuity, homosexuality, violence, crime and every form of what Muslims consider the worst defilement imagineable. "Some have the impression that you are a reasonable people. But the majority of you are vulgar and without sound ethics or good manners." Osama bin Laden Therefore Muslims have associated Christianity with this Hollywood perspective of American society and culture. Yet the liberals who produce this media are supportive of the Islamic political agenda against Israel and America. Everything they see on TV about us is offensive to their conservative sensabilities. The Islamic political agenda is clearly to rule the world while the Israeli political agenda, as ours, is to exist in peace.

The liberals identify themselves as Citizens Of the World (I'll call them COW's) and call on the U.N. to police the aggression of nation against nation and human rights violations. In their minds this would take the responsibility of self care out of their hands and release them from the need to worry about their preservation. They refuse to accept the intolerable record of the U.N. of intervention in international conflicts and human rights.

While I personally stand against many of these rights, I do not comdemn to death anyone who practices them. The COW's flatly refuse to accept that the Islamic desire is to rid the world of its freedoms to practice promiscuity, homosexuality, abortion, free speech, exhibitionism, religion, restricting education for women, even travel and business. They would command us if, whom, when, how, and where to worship. They would command us how to dress, speak, act, and even think. I quote an apostate Muslim named Ibn Warraq: 'I don't believe in God' is an impossible public utterance, even among family and friends. They want to decide who lives or dies. They have openly and proudly expressed their intention to commit genocide against the Jews. This is Hitlerian with less organization. Its worse than Nazism because of their internal deadly conflicts between sects. In fact more Muslims' blood has been spilled by Muslims than in all the wars between Muslims and all other races, religions, and nationalities combined.

Why does the mainstream media report these events and historical facts with such a moral equivalence bias against the largely righteous nation of Israel? The bias against Israel has produced the moral equivelance argument among the liberals of the world. A cartoon depicting one Israeli soldier and one Muslim fighter kneeling and pointing their guns at one another included two baby carriages. The Muslim was behind his baby carriage while the Israeli was in front of his baby carriage. This accurately depicts the differing moral standards of the combatants involved in this conflict. In the news today we hear of Hesbollah using U.N. outposts and civilian sanctuaries as cover to fire their rockets into Israel. There is speculation from credible war analysts that Hesbollah destroyed the building in Qana resulting in the 57 deaths. These are the same tactics employed in Iraq against coilition forces.

It is internationally accepted as a war crime to fire on a nation without a specific target yet nobody in the press is condemning Hesbollah for this daily practice perpetrated on Israel. Meanwhile Israel is being condemned by the Secretary General of the U.N. Kofi Anan and the press for air strikes resulting in unintentional civilian and U.N. deaths. By the way, what are the U.N. doing there? They've been there for two years and haven't acted to prevent terrorist attacks on Israel, and now that Israel has retaliated with the full force of their military, the U.N. think they can sit there like a referee on a soccer field? Even referees get clobbered in the heat of the game play, and war is no game. Again, Hesbollah fighters were firing rockets into Israel from the lookout of the U.N. observers when they were bombed.

If you look closely at the pictures above, take note of a few details. 1. Hesbollah fighters more often than not, do not wear uniforms. All they have to do is throw down their AK-47 or RPG and 'voila' they're a citizen. 2. That is an anit-aircraft gun mounted on the bed of a truck. Other weapons like their Katyusha rocket launchers can be mounted in the same way. They can pull that truck up next to a home, a civilian shelter, a U.N. outpost, or as in this photo where they are positioned near an apartment building. Fire at will, then just pull away before return fire comes at them. The whole reason for doing this is not to hide their position but rather to increase the chances of Israel killing Lebanese civilians so the dead can be paraded around in front of television cameras. and these recordings are played all over the media in our own countries. The more gruesome, the more play these tapes get on American, English, and Israeli TV.

To hear it from a reformed follower of Islam click here. The serious problem of terrorism is not with terrorists. Evil has been present in the world from the beginning. The main problem is with the vast numbers of people there and here that do not want to fight evil. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

The people who do not want to fight evil will believe any excuse, any theory of conspiracy on the part of our side. Not only what they can dream up but even charges made by the enemy in order to avoid participating in the fight. I have had every extreme conspiracy theory and slander of our government and our troops thrown at me in debate. I have heard the most ourtrageous charges of moral equivalency between the Israeli government and the unfettered terrorists by normally nice, rational people. When I give them the comparison of the wisdom of the world leading up to WWll, how the COW's condemned the Anti-Nazi crowd, how the popular opinion stood in support of Germany's invasions of neighboring countries until the realization that Hitler intended to rule the entire world. America was no exception in that case. We are, in the case of the war on terror, because we have been one of the two dominant targets of terror. Until 9/11/01 we were asleep on this enemy's threat too. Almost half of the U.S. 42% shut their eyes tight and threw the covers over their heads and pretended to be asleep until the saber rattling of our righteous president forced them to deal with the issue. Rather than recognize the genuine threat against U.S. freedom and rights, they have attacked the truth speaker. Its time once again to commit to doing the hard work necessary to overcome evil.

This time the evil is taking the form of guerilla fighters rather than nationalist armies. This time the evil has the same goals as last time. To rule the world and kill all the Jews. Last time they used the Secret Police, this time they're using Islamic Sharia law to control and abuse their populace. Last time evil used technology and might to attempt to rule the world, this time evil is using religious ferver and sacrificial fighters. This is similar to one of the armies of the WWll conflict. The Japanese used Kamikazee fighters and religious ferver in the form of Emporer worship. This turned out to be the most cost effective manner of aggression against the U.S. forces.

In the world's efforts to control the violence in the Middle East we have forced Israel to train up the guerilla war effort. They attack and Israel retaliates but are reigned in before the work of eliminating the threat is done. So the threat regroups, takes lessons from their successes and failures, then re-engage Israel who is again reigned in. Now we have three fully trained organizations (Hezbollah, Hamas, al Qu'eida) backed by at least two nation's governments (Iran, Syria.) They are beginning to be a genuinely international force to be reckoned with.

When this conflict is over, you can bet that president Bush will be remembered as one of the great presidents along with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy. Men who made difficult decisions in extraordinary circumstances and called Americans into unity against great odds and against tremendous detraction from his own constituency. Since we cannot depend on the U.N. to do the very thing for which it was formed, and since the COW's intend to force the rest of us under the authority of it's toothless resolutions, and since the COW's are increasing in number, I will contnue to preach right thinking until the COW's come home.

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