Saturday, August 26, 2006



The Congress of the United States of America author America's biggest problems--

Problem 1. Congress is derelict in their sworn duty to protect America from foreign invaders. For the past 25 years the congress has enabled the invasion across our Southern border. The border should be defended by the military. That is the purpose of the military! If I (a native born legal American resident) were to go to the border and do the job that congress refuses to do, by forcefully stopping illegal invaders from coming into America, congress would have me arrested and prosecuted. Congress will not even allow private porperty owners along the border to stop illegal trespassers from entering their own private property even though most Congressional members live in secured communities or buildings where any trespasser would be immediately apprehended and possibly prosecuted.

Solution: All secured residential complexes where members of congress and their families live should not be allowed to enforce trespassing laws and should be required to hand out cash from their children's college funds or their retirement funds to any trespasser demanding they do so.

Problem 2. Congress allows foreign trespassers to remain in this country with no consequences.

Solution: Anyone, regardless of their past or current situation, here illegally, should be required to return to their country of origin immediately under their own power. Why do I need to pay for their trip home? If they refuse to return they need to be apprehended and returned by force leaving all wealth and possessions in the U.S. No other capital found to be obtained fraudulently or illegally remains the perpetrators' possession; ask any convicted drug dealer, embezzler or larcenist.

Problem 3. Congress requires Americans to pay 30% to 40% of income in taxes (non-compliance punishable by imprisonment.) The congress spends more taxpayer dollars than they confiscate, gives
billions of those dollars to illegal foreign trespassers and to foreign governments hostile to America. Where in the constitution does congress find the authority to give away the wealth of the American people to foreigners around the world as well as foreigners illegally in America? If it is an investment, where is the positive return for the money spent on foreign aid? I have not received my share.

Solution: Cut all aid today. What is so hard?!

Judge Brian

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