Monday, December 10, 2007

Guns!!!!! Good? or EVIL? Why?

NBC's Channel 9 News covered the recent shootings in Colorado Springs pretty extensively.

Naturally, we want to prevent these killings, these murders, these shootings. So the simple answer is to prevent these nuts from getting their hands on guns. Right?

Maybe not. No, really!!!!

The places that are attacked by these lone nuts are places that disallow guns. No teachers, no security personnel, only a police officer on call can bring a weapon on to a school or college campus, the malls have signs posted "GUN FREE ZONE" They may as well post "No Defense Allowed" for a lone attacker. The nut who attacked this church and the Youth With A Mission camp assumed the same was true of Christians. Thank God for the common sense of the church leaders to provide enhanced security after the YWAM shootings. Note: Yes people still died at the church, but guess what? Without the enhanced security, the dead and injured very well could have numbered into the hundreds and certainly would have numbered over 20 except that someone present and responsible was armed and qualified to use their weapon. More guns, more gun education equals greater safety.

There is a movement to rid our society of hand guns. A major step toward this goal is known as the Brady Bill named after James Brady who was shot during the attack on President Reagon. Brady suffered severe brain damage and is used to lobby the body politic to outlaw hand guns and assault weapons. Initially the effort was to instill a waiting period for weapons purchasers to be investigated for their legal status. The movement has, hrrrrmmmph, PROGRESSED to an all out ban on hand guns and assault rifles.

Just an aside, the liberals/progressives are good at poster childing those who don't have the ability to stand on their own cognitive merits. ie. brain damaged, children, mentally challenged, and just plain ignorant.

Anyway, with the advent of terror tactics making their way onto the nightly news, uh, nightly, it is no surprise that the same terror tactics are finding their way into our own society. So naturally, any nut with a bend for Hell is likely to employ this newly popularized method of protest. Its becoming the norm to -"take as many with me as I can when I go."- among suicide cases. This way they will have made the statement the suicides of old wanted to make only to their loved ones. "You don't deserve me! Yada, yada" but they now are not only selfish beyond reason, to the point of literal self destruction, they're narcissistic and elitist to boot! (Narcism)

Another aside, news agencies provide interesting stories. If it isn't interesting, it isn't reported, or at least, not for very long. They are a (stay with me here) big business. Just like many other big businesses, they use their power to influence the market to their own advantage. Lately, though, many of these agencies have joined the faith based church of liberalism, er excuse me, progression to advent for the Politically Correct agenda of the day, "Anti-gun" "Anti-tobacco" "Anti-junk food" "Global Warming." (I still remember the global cooling scare of the 1970's, so this latest nonsense is just bothersome!!!)

Ok, time to get to my point here. Look carefully at what it takes to stop a nutcase. IT USUALLY REQUIRES A BULLET and therefore, a gun. It doesn't matter what he is using to bring terror, be it a knife, a gun, a bomb, a victim held over a ledge, a speeding car or truck, whatever. They get what they want just by being on the news. They make a name for themselves, THEY ARE HEARD!!! The bumper sticker you've read on the pickup trucks and jeeps "Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns" is kind of proven in that church. A security volunteer licensed and qualified to carry a concealed carry weapon, shot the killer, the murderer, the nutcase dead before he could do any further damage. He managed to injure four before then, but what if she flinched, what if she ran the other way or just hid? How many would he have killed before he turned the gun on himself?

Its an old argument, but its making more sense than ever now that suicidal terrorists are shooting up our schools, our malls, our churches, our McDonalds, etc., The police do a lot and I appreciate them to no end, but they can't be everywhere, and they can't do it all. However, if every shooter nutcase had a sense that he will not make the news tonight and will likely go down in the ground without any more whimper by society than the understandable pain of his own family, then this method of 'to quote a former friend of one of the nuts' "going out in style" will lose its appeal before the trend can gain any more speed.

Otherwise, put armed guards at the doors to every church, mall, and McDonalds in the land.

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