Sunday, January 13, 2008

Right MovIe Right Now

The Orange County Prager meetup 10 JAN 08 was quite inspiring.  A couple of guests were invited and had exciting projects to tell us about.  Paul Croshaw is writer and director of a quality documentary which is autobiographic called Baseball, Dennis, and the French.  The reason he was at a Dennis Prager meetup to promote his project is because Dennis had him on his show to talk about how Dennis influenced his life toward conservatism and religion.  You can view a short, a test run of his project at his website and get further information relevant to the project.  He is looking for investors and donations to help finance the project. 

The purpose of the project is to get a concise, entertaining, quality documentary presentation of conservative/religious values in the marketplace to explain how we conservatives come to be.  With the flood of leftist views in the media market, including news, movies, sitcoms, educational institutions, etc., it is essential that we support the development of new venues to express our rationale.  Paul's project is doing just that.  You can support him by going to his website and donating and by spreading the word to generate interest in viewing the completed work. 

The other guest, Larry Dudock is a Prager Group organizer and leader and had also done a short film which can be viewed here.

This film was born out of the 168 hour Presbyterian film project.  The details of that organization can be found at

The discussion after these two gentlemen presented and discussed their projects ran from the start of the groups and their apparent success to the topic of race in the political debates and electoral race.  We have such a good time at these group meetings that we tend to stay until the staff run us out. 

While looking for Paul's work on the web I was thrilled to discover Alan Miller's lyrics for Dennis' Happy Hour theme song posted on YouTube.  Here they are

Happiness to everybody out there.  Listen to Dennis' Happy Hour at just click on the listen now link in the upper left corner.  The Happiness Hour is scheduled every Friday 10-11 AM or if you are in the Los Angeles area tune your AM radio to 870.  Another way to hear them is via podcast at

Dennis literally wrote the book on happiness called "Happiness is a Serious Problem" a human nature repair manual.  I have read it and can attest that this is an important read for those who want to achieve happiness.  The book can be ordered from Amazon at

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