Sunday, January 27, 2008

Vote Responsibly

Please go to and watch all 7 segments of this presentation to be informed about the threat against freedom, peace, and life.  You can find all of them at

I was listening to Hugh Hewitt this afternoon when he had Michelle Malkin on.  See her blog here.  She had confirmed a story about John McCain's Hispanic outreach guru, Dr. Juan Hernandez.  While she was there, Hugh asked her to comment on Brian Williams questions during the latest Republican debate.  It seems Brian asked Mitt Romney a question and referred to a poll that would be released the next day and lied about what that survey reported.  The lie was so leading and so blatantly false that it appears he is going down the same track Dan Rather took.  Remember Dan reporting about President Bush's past 'Absent Without Leave' charge and the falsified documentation?  Brian's statement within the question 'informs us' that a Mormon cannot win the general election.  In fact, the word 'Mormon' never appears in the polling question.  There isn't even any reference to religion of any type much less specific to Romney's.  You can view the incident at this link and view a transcript here.

The entire problem I have with the media is not that they are biased.  I am biased.  The problem is that they claim not to be biased.  The slogan 'Fair and balanced' has been a lie since its inception.  If it were not for Talk Radio and the blogs they would get away with this hyperbole because they have a stranglehold on the mainstream media market.  Fox news (who also use the slogan Fair and balanced) is the only outlet that swings somewhat to the right and they are cable only access unlike CBS, NBC, ABC, and the rest of the alphabet who are all over air TV or the Publicly funded (taxpayer funded) Public Broadcasting System which is extreme left.  Even the movie industry is dominated by 'Progressive' writers, directors, producers, and actors.  This means, "if you aren't looking around for better sources of news and information, you don't get news unless it has been skewed by the leftist ideologue filter."

Elections are too important, especially during wartime, to allow yourself to be led or herded by scaremongers and skewed news.  Its bad enough that the rest of the world's press paint us, our military, our working churches and people, our leaders, and our successful business entrepreneurs  as the evil world bully, but our own press corps. can't find enough bad news to blemish our reputation and efforts to secure a peaceful relationship with hostile entities.  Look around and see if what they are saying is at all represented in the events of our times.  You don't have to be online but it helps.  Order a conservative paper like the OC Register or the Washington Post.  There are some, but not anywhere near as many liberal papers.  If you can think of other sources offline then please post them in a comment.

If a Democrat takes the White House, they have stated already that their agenda is to get our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as possible.  The enemies of life and peace will be encouraged that Osama was right when he stated that Americans do not have the stomach for a fight.  Worse, our allies would be foolish to trust us again with their lives and the lives of their children.  Everything we have sacrificed for the successes we have won over the last eight years will have been for nothing and the end result would be, we will be in a worse position to take up the fight again than when we were attacked on 11 November 2001.  Be informed, learn the facts, especially the history of U.S.-Islamic relations....... in fact, the history of all interrelations with Islam.  Look up Spain and Europe's history with Islam and North Africa's and Lebanon's and India's......... Should I go on?  Fourty-four nations around the world are currently involved in wars with Islam and where is the moderate Muslim voice?  America is the only country on the planet where moderates are free to speak out against extremist activities.  Yet they can't put together 50 people to march in protest of their religion being hijacked by murderers and thugs who focus many of their attacks on children in the name of Allah.

This video shows what level of intelligence and depth of thought is found in the Democratic camps.  No depth of thought among the demographic displayed here.  Lots of platitudes, but no real thought of the consequences of some of our options.

Books you should read, get the audio version and listen to them while you work or jog.  Do whatever it takes to get the real story.  Seek out the documentary movie, "Obsession"

America Alone by Mark Steyn or visit the author's web site

While Europe Slept:  How Radical Islam is Destroying the West From Within by Bruce Bawer

Londonistan by Melanie Phillips

Islamic Imperialism by Ephraim Karsh

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