Monday, February 25, 2008

The Hammer Fight

Sitting across the aisle, I'm mildly entertained by the fact that the Democrats are right for once.EmptySuit-Md Half of them believe Barack is an empty suit or a cowboy that's all hat and no cattle.

The other half think the Clinton's are power mongers and all dirty politics and Hillary in particular is shrill and just plain scary.Scary Hillary Clinton This week a picture surfaced of Barack in a turbin raising the suspicions already floating around that he is Muslim.  I heard what I still consider to be a rumor on Rush's program today that this picture was released by the Clinton machine.  Obama turbin

Here are a couple of examples why this photo release will help the Obama camp.

Clinton Africa Clinton yamika Well, its no surprise to the Republicans that the Clintons play dirty politics, the right have felt the sting of such timed releases quite a number of times over the last 16 years.  Its kind of good to see the hammers landing on the other side for a while.  But the Clintons only resort to this when they are desperate.  And why are they desperate?  After they came out of the early primary races with a commanding lead, Obama has gained steadily and with increasing velocity no matter what trick they pull out of their bag.  They've come to realize, its not about the play book.  This is a new religion.  The empty suit is standing only because its filled with a spirit of faith. 

obama easter Isle No matter what hammer they throw at him, the voters boo them for the attempt.  Meanwhile, Obama stands up and says bumper slogan speeches that never touch on what will change or how it will be made to change.  This allows any voter to fill in the blanks with their own agendas.  Call after call on the talk shows today were Obama supporters being challenged to give one platform issue that he would tackle and how that challenge would be accomplished.  They either recited the bumper sticker slogans from his many gloriously empty speeches or filled one of those blanks with their own agenda's passionate desires.  They could not quote him because he hasn't said anything.

So, it's going to be Obama for the nomination because you just can't fight faith with a political bag of tricks.  Hillary doesn't wear a teflon suit like Bill did, but it looks like our lord, the great and mighty Obama might.

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