Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is the Whole World Blind?

One of the most famous quotes of all time is Mahatma Gandhi's statement that "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." It is so popular among the cultural left in this country that you can see it on bumper stickers from sea to shining sea. Goes right along with the footprint of the American chicken. I suggest that tolerance of remorseless evil also makes the whole world blind. The secularists tolerate by equating the evil with the good, the violent forcing a foreign will on the innocent with those who violently resist such forces. Now the peace movement has moved into their own intolerance of the defenders of free will. The liberal Berkeley city council story for example or the more recent bombing of the NY recruiting office. The secularists are statist in that they use the force of big government to take from the successful workforce under threat of incarceration to give to the unsuccessful and the lazy. They're called taxes and they're raising them so they can give them away in the form of unemployment insurance, welfare, scholarships, grants, or they're spent on earmarks like diversity training/tolerance indoctrination and the now infamous bridge to nowhere, not to mention what the politicians keep for themselves. This is not love even though it gives them warm fuzzy feelings that they are doing something for the unemployed, the alcoholics, the drug addicts, the fatherless gang members, etc., On the right, the Christian conservatives prefer to have the choice of giving to which organization is successful at meeting those needs in the best possible way.

Balancing judgment and mercy is no tight rope walk. There are miles between the two extremes and righteousness is found in the right mixture of the two to turn a self destructive man from his ways. The only requirement for righteous judgment is love for your fellow man. Love is not always sweetness and warm fuzzy feelings. Sometimes love is hard and rigid. When I was mean to my little brother as a kid, my dad spanked me and taught me to equate his suffering with my own, to empathize the pain I'd caused him. That was love for both me and my little brother. The secularists want a spankless world where people are treated (doctored) out of their 'harmful to others' and prejudiced a.k.a. 'intolerant' ways.

If I am caught breaking a law, even if it is a law of moral values and not written into any penal code, it is loving for a fellow man to confront me on the basis of my own beliefs. To allow me to continue in my self destructive behavior is not tolerant, rather it is hateful. It is damaging to the general community to tolerate people following any desire. This is why Christians say the secularists have turned truth upside down. Secularists claim intolerance is hateful. "If people want to do drugs, make sure they do it in a safe environment. If they want to live a homosexual lifestyle and call it marriage, let them get married." Until we knew that drugs were addictive when used recreationally, the secularists were all on board with legalizing recreational drug use. Many users still are but the rest recognized the damage to society after the 1970's. Crime rates skyrocketed and the users wind up screwing up their entire families' lives as well as every relationship they ever had and themselves dying if allowed to continue.

Now with gay marriage, the secularists can't see past the nose on their face, what damage this will do to society. They can't even admit that this behavior is dangerous to the participants. The human body's organs and valves and so on, have specific functions. The anus is a one way valve. Bodily fluids exchanged in sexual encounters entails some risk of transmitting diseases, risks made much greater when done in ways we aren't designed to do. Actual physical harm is often done in these practices as well. Let's just say it doesn't wear well when used in impractical ways. Don't believe me, check this out. Lot's of other disorders associated with 'the lifestyle.' The only reason they are blind to these issues is because they are covering their own eyes.

When it comes to spanking a nation or an ideology, it takes wars. Sanctions are like timeouts, or losing a privilege. International corporal punishment comes in the form of military action. That's what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq. That's not hatred. Hatred was the Clinton administration ignoring the growing problems in Iraq and Afghanistan, ignoring the looming threats against us, ignoring the plight of their people.

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