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Narrative Part II
What is the narrative?


  [nar-uh-tiv]  Show IPA
a story or account of events, experiences, orthe like, whether true or fictitious.
a book, literary work, etc., containing such astory.
the arttechnique, or process of narrating:Somerset Maugham was a master of narrative.

Politically Correct

Before investigating the roots of communism in our culture and especially in our colleges, I presumed the dissidents were working very slowly to remain undiscovered, but that assumption proved why assumptions can get you killed.  In fact, from 1967, this counter culture morphed within two years and grew like a metastasized cancer of revolutionary violence from the education industry onto the broader culture.  Those entering the institutions of higher learning are predominantly impressionable young adults still pliable from parenting. (which is the instillation of discipline and virtue)  Twenty years after the close of WWII, parents were astonished to discover their kids were filled with horrific ideals upon returning home from college.  They went to college Christians and came home not just unbelieving, but atheist antagonists toward all religions but especially Christianity.  Went patriotic, came back anti-American.  Went dependent on church and local community for compassionate outreach and came home making demands on government for compassion programs, making passionate arguments for Socialism.  Went ready to join the productive community and returned prepared to collapse the economy and grind down American values.

In many circumstances the graduates are not made aware of these ideas' origins.  They are simply sold and believe in the communist principles without knowing or having questioned their consequences.  So they take these values with them into their workplaces and social circles and apply them as their default choice to correct perceived problems or even contrive problems to correct capitalism's weaknesses.  Later on, they may hear a charismatic define Communism then become an overt advocate of this failed system, otherwise they remain a silent advocate.

Many intelligent voices on the right are former Democrats who say their party moved away from their values.  The extreme Left moved the Democrat Party from promoting self preservation and self determination to government protection and dependence.  That is only the 'change' recognizable to the average citizen eventually (30 years in the making) enraging them enough to get into the fray and oppose their agenda push through the TEA party demonstrations.  That visible change is what drove me to investigate the 'movement' further.  Now that I'm looking deeper, the 'change' is terrifying.

We recognize it by the business management of personell including diversity training and affirmative action hiring policy, by the transmogrified Democrat Party and among the supposedly conservative Republican party, many representatives who act and advocate for government intervention through sweeping policy, programs and regulation sometimes crossing party lines, sometimes writing their own version of centralizing powers and always in complete disregard of the limited powers prescribed by the founders in the founding document.

What began as compassion motivation, (leg up programs) morphed into the dependence motivation, (handout programs) which attract huge campaign donations and special interest PAC (Political Action Committee) activist support.  You will never hear a Democrat politician today, call for the people to "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." of earlier Democrats.  The right have their share of massive program defenders as well, though they mouth the smaller government sentiments of the conservative core.  When conservative president, George W. Bush asked Congress to move Social Security Insurance from government management to private sector investment under strict guidelines, the conservative base matched the left in cries against the move as too risky despite the glaring facts proving the present system is due to bankrupt and collapse within our present retirement community's lifetime.

See if you can find a tax payer subsidized college with a U.S. history program emulating this kind of pride in our heritage from 1924.  Find one which is even willing to mention our form of government is the longest lasting in all of history.

Our Ten Contributions to Civilization

A native of Ohio and a graduate of Ohio State, ARTHUR M. SCHLESINGER was appointed to his professorship at Harvard in 1924. As a teacher and author he is internationally respected for his knowledge of American history, and in the paper that follows he reminds us that over the years this nation has made its weight felt more by ideas than by wealth.


The United States is often considered a young nation, but in fact it is next to the oldest continuous government in the world. The reason is that the spirit of its people has always been empirical and pragmatic, dedicated to equalitarian ends but willing to realize them by flexible means. In the European sense of the term, America's major political parties are not parties at all, because they do not divide over basic ideologies. Neither wishes to overturn or replace the existing political and economic order; they merely desire to alter it at slower or faster rates of speed.
One of our proudest achievements has been the creation of a system of controlled capitalism that yields the highest living standards on earth and has made possible a society as nearly classless as man has ever known. The profit system as it has developed in America is a multiprofit system, sharing its benefits with all segments of society: capital, labor, and the consuming masses. Yet even this was not due to a preconceived blueprint; it too was the result of trial and error. Unprincipled businessmen had first to be brought to heel by government restraints and the growing power of organized labor before they came to learn that they must serve the general good in pursuing their selfish interests. Now labor is feeling the restraint.

The Power of Critical Theory

The after affects of a culture losing it's foundation of morals (through the communist ideal in the institutions of higher learning mocking and shaming students who profess any faith) is accepting the idea that the ends justify the means.  Any unjust action can be justified as long as their 'intention' is to improve the general welfare of that society.  (The very same ideal which produced the killing fields of Polpot, the Gulags, the Holocaust, and every Socialist violent revolution in the last century all over the world.)  Providers of the news and information services have, on a personal level opted to use their positions to advocate agendas against their own stated industrial set of ideals.  In effect, they create and repeat a national narrative, a cloaked criticism (by highlighting the worst of virtue encouraging individuals, organizations, and events while highlighting the best of their opposites) of Christianity, U.S. involvement in foreign affairs, and of the spread of Western values in Eastern cultures.  In this way they are shifting the Overton Window so the general populace accepts the new 'normal' perspective.
What we would have considered taboo and a fatal nominee flaw a few years ago, is suddenly okay evidently. Sex in the White House? Not a problem… Cheated on your wife and divorced? Not a problem… Buddy around with known radicals and Marxists? Definitely not a problem… And the Overton Window slides inexorably to the left.
This dramatic movement from a culture of independence and self preservation to foolish, self destructive dependence does not happen in a free and open society without a massive, all encompassing propaganda program.  Once planted in the fertile soil of inexperienced youth, the communist agenda took root and in short order no longer needed the instigators and funding of the collapsed foreign influence.  The indoctrinated began authoring their own propaganda and strategizing their local interests.  This group continues the original intent to 'grind America's values down' and function as a fifth column using our values of individual liberty and virtue to turn us into the self hating fools you now observe on the evening news agitating for selfish concerns.  Those guys are only the visible agitation to manufacture and get their issues noticed.  The next level is the news agencies who pick up the narrative and project it into the national discussion.  Another group use our laws and courts to force the issue into the decision process.  Finally, still another group uses Political Action Committees to elect and lobby individual and party politicians.

That, my friends, is why the (political center) Libertarian advocacy against promoting morality in education and culture is untenable.  Our founders knew the nation could not survive without morals and they stated the best and almost only source of cultural morality is the Christian church in our culture.  Those same founders ensured rights and freedoms to all religions based on their experiences with the Crown of England, but you have to face some realities.  Not all religions are peace and order loving or even life loving.  Without morality liberty cannot exist.  In a national and generational sense, one cannot exist without the other.  The closer the values, not necessarily the religion, the more cohesive and stronger the national identity.  Very few cultures value true liberty.  Most value and respect authoritarianism manifested in various degrees of socialist nations.  When the people tire of the abuses that go along with such systems, they revolt and prop up a new authoritarian.  This style of governance has no demonstration of lasting more than five generations under one form of government regulated by one Constitution and identified by one name.  Either they die with their charismatic or strong leader or they replace him through violence.

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