Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Right Talent

I have no idea how long these guys have been on the market. I haven’t been a music collector for many years now. The last song I bought was Allison Kraus’s ‘Man of Constant Sorrow’.

I heard theses guys (The Right Brothers) for the first time today on Hugh Hewitt’s nation wide live radio talk show. I’m so glad they’re here and contributing to ….no, leading the answer to talent aligned against conservatives’ ideals. Frank Highland and Aaron Sain do a great job with a message of truth wrapped in great music. With a flavor of Southern Fried Rock-a-billy and an unapologetic spirit of ‘get it RIGHT before it all goes wrong’ they bring a strong message of “Right is right and the Left have never been more wrong.” I was able to get onto their website before it was flooded with so much traffic they had to take down their sample options to conserve bandwidth. I ordered my package deal almost immediately. It can take up to three weeks for my purchase to arrive so I can’t wait to sing the tune ‘Bush Was Right’ to the next liberal that wants to start a debate with me.

Hollywood has not cared enough about money to learn by their market that their opinions do not belong in mainstream entertainment. The box office sales for their biggest productions are down, way down. Yet, movies like “The Passion of the Christ” are rocking the box office with record exploding sales. You’d think they’d take a hint that they’re political views aren’t only not popular, they’re not welcome.
You hear them talking about their waning sales on popular TV talk show like Oprah and Larry King, but they blame video rental markets and internet piracy for their woes. They’re ignoring the facts! Family friendly movies and music are doing just fine, better than ever in fact. People are weary of having to protect their children from television, pop radio, big production movies and music because the industry elite believe mainstream America wants smut. Nobody wants to instill blue law, we just don’t want that crap pushed at us, and our kids especially, constantly.

It is sad to see the theaters suffering, some even closing, because the sales aren’t there, but as parents, we cannot trust the major releases to maintain acceptable standards. Most of us will not allow our kids to view them until we’ve had a chance to review them ourselves. Since adults see far fewer movies than kids would if their parents allowed them, the market suffers. As much as I enjoy movies, I would welcome a Hollywood collapse if it limited the amount of smut, political agenda, and values degradation that makes its way onto my movies, TV and into my kids’ music.

Kudos to ‘The Right Brothers’ for using blue tools to empower red America’s morale and for encouraging all of us to judge right.

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