Sunday, April 02, 2006

Wouldn't Swim in that Lake

Broken Bow Lake, Oklahoma 2005
Some days you just don't know quite what to believe. I received this photo from a friend a few days ago and thought, "Mmm, nah!" It wasn't until I decided to post about it that I decided to look it up and see. Aren't we like that about way too many things? Important things sometimes. Like whether there's any reason to believe the Bible.

There are good reasons to go to church aside from seeking a relationship with God, like finding people who believe bad behavior has eternal consequences, and being in an environment where you're held accountable for your actions today, having a good reputation in the community. But what really matters is, Who are we subject to? God or men?

One of the assumptions that keep people outside the church, is the reputation of the church among unbelievers. "Oh those people judge you." Well, yeah, we do. So what? You judge people everyday. That statement is a judgement of us. Judgement is by no means a sin or even a wrongdoing. It is, in fact, required by God. How in the world do you expect to survive without judging people? Don't you evaluate who is a better person to hang out with, who to marry, which is the better company to work for, who makes better meals? These are all judgements.

When the Bible is being disputed, like this, you need to look deeper to see what it really says. Ever heard the Bible quoted as; "Money is the root of all evil?" Ank!, wrong. There are plenty of misquotes, and misinterpretations flying around and its easy to assume, this is right and that is wrong, but have you checked it out for yourself? You are guilty of the same thing you are accusing the believers of?- condemning without examination.

The fish above is real. You can find more information at the link I've provided above. This one was caught in Brokenbow, Oklahoma, on Brokenbow Lake. It weighs 327 lbs. and is 8 feet 10 inches long. It is thought these things are going extinct by some, but this catch somewhat puts a quash on that assumption. This is probably the biggest ever caught in recorded history. They are a very interesting breed. They breathe underwater as well as air.

That's another thing assumptions are made about. "Oh, well then this must be a missing link between fish and reptiles in their evolution." Well, not quite. This whole theory is so full of wholes the theorist himself denied it before he died. He said the fossil records should hold some proof of his theory, but in all the fossil finds everywhere, there is no definitive proof that Darwin's theory holds salt. The alligator that existed at the earliest paleintological record is still an alligator today. The horse is still a horse, and a monkey is still a monkey. They've found frozen men thousands of years frozen on mountain tops and in glaciers that're still entirely men. And if it takes millions of years to evolve, then you're running out of excuses.

There is an offer that's been up for years, decades really, for anyone who can prove the theory of evolution. They offer a reward of $250,000 for any evidence at all. To date, the reward has not been claimed. You can go to their site to see for yourself. Now there is another site that talks about the proof of Creationism. Click to see their evidence that the earth is young, not millions of years old. Now you have to ask yourself, why hasn't anybody after all these years claimed that money? Why would they want to disprove God? And why aren't we being taught in our schools the facts rather than theories shot full of holes? Could it be, they prefer not to be subject to a holy God? Hmm.

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