Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Pal

What a pal. Molly is a rescue dog from the SPCA. I got her about a year ago and has she been a handful. They had her labeled as a Border Collie but I think she is probably half Pit Bull. This is quite a combination. Border Collies are very intelligent and Pits are tough as nails. Molly is both and this makes for stubborness. Apparently, she was abused by her former owner, so it took a while to win her trust. During the transition period, she didn't want to stay in the yard or obey my commands. Now she is becoming quite the devotee. I have to give her things to occupy her mind. This Kong toy was tied to a high branch so that she would have to reach to get the goodies out of it. She eventually pulled this tree down. Another toy she loves is a doggie puzzle with four squeeking fuzz balls inside. She'll get one out and maul it for a while then go back and work another out.
I've got her to the point now, where she obeys voice commands and hand sign commands. Still working on leash walking without tugging and pulling me along. She loves a ride in the truck, but she's let me know that waiting around while I have meetings will not do. She hesitates and looks at me as if asking, "Are you going for a short trip for a movie are you going to me sitting while you have a business meeting?"
She is the most expressive dog I've ever known.

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