Sunday, February 03, 2008

Christians in Chad; Get Out or Die!


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By now, most of us are familiar with what's going on in Darfur.  The Muslim controlled government is slaughtering everyone not subscribing their particular brand of Islam.  Well, this weekend the Chadian rebels who are supported by this same government have battled their way into the capitol of Chad.  Chad's population; under 10M.  Geographical location; central Africa.  The overthrow of the current government is immanent.  The rebels have pulled back from the capitol to give foreigners the opportunity to leave before they make their final attack.

Chad is a country of close to 50% Muslim and 40% Christian of one denomination or another and various other religions filling out the rest.  The infant mortality rate in the region is close to 10%.  Everybody is conscripted into the military, men for three years minimum and women for one year minimum at age twenty-one.  You can learn all about the country at the link below.


Time to flee: The French Army helped evacuate foreigners Sunday as fighting gripped N'Djamena, Chad.
French Ministry of Defense/AP

The Chadian rebels have been in cohorts with the Darfur government.  It is the Darfur government that has been running the ethnic cleansing in Darfur.  The government of Chad had been returning the favor to Darfur by supporting their rebels.  With this overthrow, the region will become far less stable than it has been for 17 or 18 years when Chad drafted a democratic constitution.  Pray for the people of Sudan, Darfur, and Chad to know Christ and to know prosperity and peace.  Pray for the Christians to be protected for their faith and identity among the hostile Muslim majority.

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