Sunday, February 03, 2008

Holding My Nose Like Mama Said


The media had a good time talking to John McCain's mom a few weeks ago.   "The conservatives will just have to hold their noses and vote for John."  She was answering a question put to her about the conservative base not liking her son.  We have our reasons, from Embryonic stem cell research to free speech to immigration policies to tax cuts to defining torture to bringing the prisoners of war under the leftist courts' authority by closing Guantanamo and other prison camps.  The guy may have a lifetime voting record of 83% conservative but over the last year he has demonstrated a propensity for sticking his thumb in the conservative bases' collective eye.  Anytime the issue was a partisan controversy he didn't just vote left, he pushed and stumped for the left.

My vote in the Primaries will be for Mitt Romney because he has the right message and the right position on most everything I've seen.  The only place I differ on his positions thus far is the pandering he did in Michigan when he stated that he would work toward a bailout for the auto industry.  He had been saying he was for free market or market self control.  Where does bailout fit with market self control? 

Huckabee is siphoning off the moral conservative vote from the majority conservative vote leaving McCain to win overall in the primaries.  What is happening in the late primaries is a 3 way split of the vote.  The religious right are split between Huckabee and Romney while the fiscal vote is going to McCain.  The conservative coalition consists of basically, 4 groups; fiscally conservative, moral values conservative, free market conservative and finally the national security conservative.  McCain gets the nod in only one of these groups, the fiscal conservatives while Huckabee gets the religious moral conservatives but the Republicans who are concerned with the economy and are thinking of the war and foreign affairs are leaning toward Mitt Romney.  So, unless Huckabee drops out before Tuesday, we will be deciding whether to vote for McCain or sit out the vote in the General election and watch the Dems end the war pre-maturely.  McCain loses the Values conservative because of his previous stump and vote on embryonic stem cell research which turns out to be unnecessary.  He loses the free market conservative because of his stumping for caps on trade and global warming which many believe to be a sham, and he loses some on the security conservatism because of his stumping to close Guantanamo and defining scare tactics as torture.  He has been a media sweetheart and he has a good record of voting against every spending bill, but he also voted against tax cuts. 

I get peeved with Nancy Pelosi for bringing the national defense policies to public debate.  This should have been a closed doors debate for the sake of national security.  Now the enemy knows he does not have anything to fear if he is caught and he may well have the right to sue our soldiers and the guards at the prison camps in our court system giving him many of the rights his ideology is working to destroy, basic rights he and his cohorts deny their own people, rights our soldiers can't even hope to rely on if captured by their people.  I get peeved with John for jumping in with this kind of debate and calling a scare tactic a form of torture.  More than anything, I am peeved because my defenders, my faith, my identity as an American gets a double standard from those of our enemies within our own media, legal, political, and teaching institutions.  I am fed up with members of my own party joining the blame America first crowd for any reason, much less for political gain.  The enemy has no system of accountability for their terrorist acts and in fact are cheering every death they inflict on the West.  We are accountable to courts and judges and condemn law breakers to jail.  They have no freedom of speech to question their leadership.  We have every opportunity to say anything at any time and not suffer legal consequences.  What?  We know the bad guys are bad so we shouldn't condemn them, but we have small faults by comparison so we should condemn us?  Is there logic in this somewhere that I am just failing to see?  No.  This is the work of cowards and zealots who would rather attempt utopia on earth which always has resulted in the greatest evil this world knows; Nazism, Communism, Fascism, and the like.

So, why on earth would I vote for Senator John McCain to be President of these United States?  Because I view the conflict with the 1/5 of 1.3 billion Muslims world wide who support the radical versions of Islam as the defining issue of our time.  This is equivalent to the entire population of the U.S. supporting murderous, suicidal, evil people who are willing to hide behind babies and innocents while committing these atrocities.  This week some of them sent mentally handicapped girls to blow themselves up in a crowd.  If we pull out anywhere too soon, the radicals everywhere will be encouraged and we will have to go back within two years to start all over again, and at that time it will be a far worse mess than it is now because no would-be ally will trust our commitment to the work of defeating radical ideologues.  Contrary to popular beliefs that these are people with few resources, we have seen in the U.K. doctors blowing up the tubes and a bus and the airport terminal and in the U.S. business men going suicidal jihad, and in Spain college students blowing up trains.  I'm holding my nose because John McCain's politics stink, but he will fight the evil Jihad.  If there had not been a war to fight that the Democrats have promised to pull out of, I would have encouraged Republicans to sit this election out so that the Conservative coalition would not be saddled with a reputation of electing a leftist conservative with a leftist view, leftist policies, and a leftist agenda.

Without the war in the picture, I would have considered Ron Paul much more seriously.  His stand on governmental spending and taxation is most inline with my thinking.  Cut government programs that do more harm than good, cut unnecessary programs that accomplish nothing at all for the people, (leave philanthropy to the private organizations) cut all foreign aid, end taxation and the IRS all together.  1500 pages of tax code so that nobody can understand it, not even the professionals or the IRS.  Take your tax forms to one IRS agent or office and you'll get an entirely different sum at another tax office under another tax agent.  They often vary as much as 30-40%.  Too bad Paul sounds like such a nut when it comes to foreign affairs.

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