Saturday, February 23, 2008

No Low, Too Low

Here we are again, seeing the new evidence of how low they will go to inflict their evil on the rest of us.  This video explains how the terrorists are using prosthetics to disguise their suicide bombers as pregnant women.  It goes on to reveal that they are recruiting people who look and sound like westerners and have the legitimate documentation to travel freely, to carry out their attacks on innocent civilians.

Original site can be found at:


Profiling won't be an issue anymore, but accidental shootings of pregnant women within our airports and sports arenas may be.  Lest we forget, they have already arranged it so that its now possible to mistakenly kill the mentally challenged and children by using them to carry out terrorist bombings.

We westerners have to understand that their's is a culture that values religious pride and identity above life, even the lives of their own children as evidenced not only by these unwitting suicide bombers, but also by their honor killings of daughters who refuse to wear the hijab or who've been raped or for just dating. 

America does not target innocent civilians but the enemy uses the innocent as shields and as couriers to carry their bomb belts into our midst.  The enemy is evil, real, and cunning.  Their is no comparison between honorable men and women of our culture and those who consider it an honor to target our innocent and hide behind their innocent civilians.  Cowardly tactics from cowardly ideologues. 

About those who compare ours to theirs; you consider it bravery to attack honorable institutions and those who man them on the confidence that you will not be answered violence for violence.  Beware; this is an open threat.  If I catch any of you attacking one of these honorable people who cannot return blow for blow under threat of biased prosecutor and judges and this politically correct climate, I will step up to do so in their stead.  Your right to freedom of speech does not include destruction of property public or private, and it certainly does not include any personal attacks to people in uniform.

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